I could ramble on and on about my incredible passion and commitment to my journey in photography and how Inspire strives to capture gorgeous photos of your speical moments, but none of you really care to hear about that, do you?

Instead, I'll share the deepest...darkest... and completley obvious truth about me.

Inspire strives to capture Gorgeous Photographs Of your special moments

I was once criticized by my husband about my terrible driving. Honestly though, I'm a pretty good driver. I promise, I even passed my drivers test with flying colors. My true fault in his poor experience in the passenger seat of my car that day is the furry hundred legged woolly-worms that were scurrying across the road. See, the first thing you need to know about me is that I am a protector and lover of all things furry, crawly, rooted and wild. My heart connects and pulls to them in a way that it doesn't with some (maybe even most?) humans. Is it a fault? Only on days when those things are trying to find the other side of HWY 259. On a normal day, its my proudest attribute.

Back to the point though, the day he decided I was a terrible driver was really the day that I saved a million woolyworms from the crushing death of my car tires.

I care about this world, environment and preserving it the most that I can. Much like my passion for this world, I have a passion for moments. Just as I want to preserve the place we live, I want to preserve the memories that you create. I hope to one day be able to do just that for you!